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Deep and Dark Web Intelligence


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It’s not enough to know what's happening on the inside of your network, you need to have someone who has your back on the outside too. After all, when hackers steal data, it almost always finds its way to an online black market - the deep and dark web. The back alley of the cyberworld where illegally obtained data is bought and sold.

LMNTRX shines a light on the deep and dark web by using our intelligence, knowledge and proprietary techniques to your advantage. Whether an attacker has stolen your data and is looking to sell it online or if someone is planning to breach your organization and is seeking advice on how to do so, we can use the attacker’s platforms against them so you can be certain of your defenses.

LMNTRIX Recon proprietary technology detects these and other cyberthreats in the deep and dark web by aggregating unique cyber intelligence from multiple sources. We tirelessly analyze cyberthreats that could threaten your organization and then prioritize and enable remediation. Recon ensures you are never left in the dark. It is the real-world proof that you are cybersecure, and the real-word defense approach that keeps you that way.



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