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LMNTRIX Deceive enshrouds your entire network - from every endpoint to every server and network component - in a deceptive parallel universe. From the instant an attacker penetrates your network, all they can see is an elusive mirage where every single data packet is unreliable.

This deceptive environment immobilizes attackers as they are unable to make decisions if the data they’ve gathered is unreliable.

Additionally, the alternate reality weaved around your network reduces the number of false positive alerts as only attackers would interact with the false environment. The moment an attacker acts on false information, they are instantly detected.

This real-time detection means we have the forensics at our fingertips needed to contain the attack on the endpoint. As this information is collected at the exact moment an attacker interacts with false data, we can act to remediate before they have time to hide their tracks.



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