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Behavior Analytics, Incident Forensics and Breach Response


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LMNTRIX Adaptive Threat Response
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LMNTRIX Hunt delivers extensive visibility, high performance threat hunting and unrivalled incident response by augmenting our Hunt Team’s capabilities with Behavior and Analytics technology.

Our technology gives your network photographic memory. With full fidelity packet capture, optimized and stored for up to a year, you will know with absolute certainty whether or not events have impacted your environment. LMNTRIX Hunt detects threats in real time and automatically replays stored packets to discover previously unknown threats through the correlation of proprietary research intelligence, machine learning, flow-based traffic algorithms and multiple third party threat intelligence feeds.

Our Threat Hunting service involves the proactive, stealthy, and methodical pursuit and eviction of adversaries inside your network - all without relying on IOCs. Our team of intrusion analysts and threat hunters monitor your networks and endpoints around the clock, applying the latest intelligence and proprietary methodologies to look for signs of compromise. The second a potential compromise is detected, in-depth analysis on affected systems is performed in order to confirm the attack in the shortest time frame possible.


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