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2. Complete Assessment with LMNTRIX

- LMNTRIX will integrate and discover undetected malware, anonymous activity, C2 activity and current/past compromise on the deep & dark web

3. Receive Security Review

- At the conclusion of the security assessment each client will receive a detailed report of all validated security incidents found during the assessment. This is a great opportunity to understand potential gaps as it relates to current security posture and how LMNTRIX can drastically improve these important initiatives for any organization big or small.


  • A security platform that does not rely on customer controls or logs (non-SIEM dependent)
  • 100% Managed/Analyst driven - validating all security incidents providing clear recommendations
  • Follows MITR/AKK framework for detecting new/old security incidents
  • Aligns to NIST compliance framework
  • No separate UI to learn or cross correlate with existing controls resulting in a significant reduction in OPEX
  • Dedicated investigation manager throughout the lifecycle of service

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